Follow allows players to experience the story of a hospitalized boy moving through a labyrinth that represents the five stages of grief. Help the boy navigate the labyrinth using touch functions to maneuver through three-dimensional puzzles. The player will be aided by the boy’s black cat, the therapy animal that comforts him in life, and leads him in the labyrinth.

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The Mechanics

The Level

The main mechanic is to exit the puzzling level. The doors and obstacles make it difficult to traverse the world and find the golden door.


The Cat

The cat purpose is to serve as a hint system. Whenever the player finds a progression blocker the cat serves an inicator of where to go next. Each level consists of around 4 hints


The Blocks

The blocks serve as progression blockers and can be interacted with in the level to unlock new paths.

The Platform

Moving platforms are created to increase the difficulty of traversing through the levels. The player has to time his movemnts to get to the next stage.


The Collectibles

Are a visual representation that halps make a connection to the narrative of the game.


The Cameras

The most critical part of the game. The cameras help to navigate accross the level. Finding new paths to go accros the level


“5:45 to Santa Monica: now boarding!” by cienias, depicting City of Compton overlooking downtown LA, CGSociety contest entry

The Code

Level 1: Denial “I’m a healthy boy.”

Level 2: Anger “I didn’t do anything wrong. Why am I being punished?”

Level 3: Bargaining “Please, Mommy, make me better again.”

Level 4: Depression “I’ll never see them again.”

Level 5: Acceptance “I’m ready to leave now. Goodbye.”

The Platform