Game Design Document   Solar Punk

The following information is a result of a week long design that took place during a Game Desing Master's Course. The pourpouse of the course activity was to design a game. The design would have to include: a working protoype, a design pitch, a level design, ui (user interface) wireframes, and an object breakdown.

The information and documents below are be considered intellectual property by any and all creators, including all such information relating to the game design past, present, or future business activities, research, product design or development, personnel, and business opportunities.

Created by:

Nicole Loud, Dustin Smith, and Pablo Zebadúa

Special Thanks to:

Robin Koman (Full Sail Instructor)

The Mechanics

The Potion Creation

The main puzzle of the game. The potion creation system is the mechanism that allows the player to progress throughout the game. By collecting the ingredients and crafting them the player is able to overcome the challenges of the game.


The Valves

Valves are interactive objects used to block progression. They serve as a puzzle for players to solve. Puzzles are connected to pipes that lead to different effects on the environment. Sometimes a combination of valves is required to activate an effect.


The Alchemist Journal

The Alchemist Journal is the guide for the player.The Journal contains the recipes for the potions. It serves as a reference for the player to be able to deduce what are the next steps in the game. Subtle hints like the ingredient required for a potion or the effects of the potion itself create a guide for the player to follow.

The Potion Interactions

When traversing the enviroment the potion interaction will reveal new areas and objects in the scene.


The Ingredients

Throught the game different ingredients are scattered around the enviroment. These items help to craft potions that will allow the player to progress.


The Secret Ending

Although not tchnically a mechanic. If the secret areas of the maps are unlocked the player will discover the michevious plan of the master. This narrative elment helps as a tool for replay value since its unlikely for the palyer to disocver all the secret rooms in one run.


“5:45 to Santa Monica: now boarding!” by cienias, depicting City of Compton overlooking downtown LA, CGSociety contest entry

The Narrative

The scene takes place in an ecological society beyond war, domination, and famine. Everything is powered by green energy. The society now encompass a variety in race, sex, etc. The vision of this future is defined by a single mantra “unity over all”. Free cooperation, participatory democracy, and personal self-realization. But not everything is as peaceful as it may seem, for a shadowy character lurks in the dark.


You are a rogue apprentice who has decided to break into his master's alchemy lab. So far you’ve made it past the water garden and now you find yourself in a greenhouse that should lead to the main lab. Your current objective is to find your way through the greenhouse and into the lab with your knowledge of alchemy and craftiness.


What compels a talented apprentice such as yourself to rebel against the master who has thought you for so long?